What is a creative Kokeshi?

Growth of Kokeshi art

There are two types of Kokeshi, one is Traditional kokeshi which is originates in Edo era, another type is Creative Kokeshi. Creative Kokeshi is a new craft art which is provided as room accessories. Regarding basic process of Creative Kokeshi, potter’s wheels (Latheis) are used, which is the same method of Traditional Kokeshi. Initial stage of Creative Kokeshi was a simple wooden doll such as a souvenir of tourists places, which was called “Kokeshi Doll”. Than after, some sophisticated artists appeared in this field, and they tried to create more refined products.

Procedure of production

It’s being created by free idea of artists, in terms of shape and colored. On the other hand, using a potter’s wheel with wood is obliged.
There are several procedures as follows, rough shaving by a potter’s wheel, and sculpt, decorating, drawing, coloring, and shining treatment.

Viewpoints of enjoyment

Creative Kokeshi to which artist’s image is being expressed can be positioned as an ethnic art. It is based on Japanese ancient mountain cultural background.
Therefore, when we confront Kokeshi that image human nostalgia, it makes us remind both Japanese spirit and very fond feeling.